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What we'll all be shooting now

I suspect many photographers will be shooting shots like this one for a while - shots of the garden, the house, anything you can see from your window. Actually I'm cheating - this one was from a few weeks ago when the world was different and we hadn't heard of you-know-what. But we have some nice tulips outside and a pretty vase full of daffodils indoors and I might try them as subjects tomorrow.

I'm lucky, I have plenty to occupy me at home with the web site, social media marketing, and my cabin/studio, making new prints and frames. I can still sell prints via the web, as long as UPS will still call to collect them. And I can go out for a short walk and maybe take a few shots that might take my fancy. It might be good to be able to take a break from my usual photography routine and try a different style for a while. We'll see. Anyway, good luck to you all and don't get too bored.


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