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Turned back by bad weather - mountain shots from Snowdonia

Wild ponies in Cwm Idwal
Wild ponies in Cwm Idwal

Just before christmas last I took a chance on a mountain trip to Snowdonia to try going up some of the bigger hills in the snow. I always want to get out in the snow when there's a heavy fall and my sights were set on Glyder Fawr starting from Llyn Ogwen. Plenty of snow higher up and a reasonable forecast. It wasn't nice at first, with verglas on the rocky path making for very delicate walking. It got easier higher up with more snow cover but the wind rose, the sky darkened and it looked very threatening indeed. I met a party coming down who said they'd seen a forecast of bad weather and it certainly looked that way so I turned back. I thought I'd had a wasted trip but used the time to get some shots of what is always a spectacular area.

Looking at them on the computer at home I wasn't impressed but about a week ago (i.e. four months after the trip) I had another look. I did some fairly heavy processing, perhaps more than I'd usually do, and I quite liked the results so here they are.

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