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Talkin Fell - a short walk around a minor Pennine

Talkin Fell is our local hill. Just a few miles along the road, at the top left of the Pennine range before it drops down to the plains around Carlisle and Brampton. It has a very modest height, 381 metres, but a more than modest view and it feels like a "proper" pennine hill.

The closest approach is from the village of Talkin. There is a good track almost all of the way. You can make a circular walk by carrying on over Simmerson Hill and back along the river and through the woods. A longer circle could be made by diverting west into Castle Carrock. A beautiful day out and a satisfying round.

On the top the views are tremendous in all directions except east and south-east, where there are bigger hills close by. The top is curiously decorated with a number of tall slender cairns. I don't know their history but I can't help suspecting they're of relatively recent origin.


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