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Summer’s a bummer for landscape shooters

In response to the Daily Post’s photo challenge on the subject of Dinnertime

This shot was taken at about 8pm – dinner time – in the week after the clocks went forward. I’d had to wait for three hours for this light to happen. It’s much easier in winter because the sun sets earlier and then you can get home for your dinner and some telly before bed. Now that night time is coming later and later my photography habits are getting more and more inconvenient and I don’t get fed until bed-time.


Winter also has the advantage of so much colour on the hills and the bonus of snow. In summer everything’s green.

As the days and nights get warmer I’m hoping to compensate by doing some wild camping and being there for both the sunset and sunrise but I don’t know what I’m going to do for dinner…

The picture was taken from near the town of Ingleton and looking roughly west. I had been out taking shots for one of my allocated grid points in the Yorkshire Grid Project, which I’ll publish later.


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