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Still catching up

In the spirit of the post from a few days ago, about ruthless editing, I'm slowly catching up with a backlog of photos taken over the last couple of months. Lockdown and the winter conditions combine to make inspiration hard to find but the message I gave in that post is still true. With a ruthless edit to choose the best you can still find that you have made good work after all.

So here are three shots from a local walk in the snow. I didn't take many altogether so my success rate was pretty good, considering. The picture at the top is, I think, particularly good and I'd consider offering it for sale except there are electricity transmission lines running across the sky and they're almost impossible to remove digitally. Such things are a curse around here. In that area there are three major national grid power lines running across the landscape plus innumerable telephone wires. In the past I've made photos where these are the main subject but you can only do that so many times before it becomes cliche.

These are, not surprisingly, all black and white, which is how I see this landscape most of the time in winter.

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