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Shortlisted for OPOTY 2016

Well, I’d like to thank my mother for the encouragement she gave me as a child, my wife for continuing support, etc., etc.

Why the celebration? I’ve had a picture shortlisted for Outdoor Photography magazine’s OPOTY 2016 competition. This is the second year I’ve entered it, no short-listing last year, and just the third competition I’ve entered in all, so I’m fairly pleased. However, I should own up that:

  1. I entered seven pictures and only one has been shortlisted

  2. The short list is hundreds long

  3. Many other people have had six or eight of their shots selected

  4. The competition is extremely strong, there are some seriously nice photographs in there.

Here’s the shot that’s been selected:

Kirkstone Lone Tree

A tree is briefly lit by a shaft of sunlight near Kirkstone pass summit

I took it this summer, on a wild camping trip to the Lake District. I like it, I think it’s strong, but oddly I haven’t included it in my sales stock for the art markets yet. I’ll have to get it printed quick-ish and see how it goes down with the general public. The category title I entered it for is “Light on the Land” and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

You can view the all of the short-listed photographs from this link. Like I said, some really good shots. Congratulations to everyone else short-listed, and to the eventual winner who probably won’t be me 🙂

UPDATE 21/11/2016 : No, it wasn’t me, but it was nice to be shortlisted.


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