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Photographs are always real

In response to the WordPress Daily Post challenge <a href=””>Abstract</a&gt;

Abstraction is difficult to achieve with photography. A photograph made in the normal way is always of something real. The thing is there in the real world. An abstract painting on the other hand does not represent reality but is genuinely new and original, a thing that has never before existed in the universe and never will again. An abstract painting can be free of presuppositions but a photograph always has the burden of our interpretations of reality.

Anyway, enough of this artspeak guff. I don’t normally take abstract compositions so I made an effort while out walking to see what I could make and here are three choices that could be viewed as more than just a scene.

In the first image think of the arrangement of shapes in the frame and how they work together to make the composition. Don’t think of farming, don’t think of landscape.


In the next, again don’t think of the form of trees and wood, think of Jackson Pollock and the way the tracery of twigs and branches leads you around the frame.


And finally, you could marvel at the amazing richness of sandstone, lichen and moss but instead think purely of patches of colour.


This is generally not my preferred way of composing but it’s nice to try new things.


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