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New site, new me!

For the last two years I've started the year with an objective to make more online sales. I've totally failed. I'm not at all comfortable with marketing and promoting myself. It's quite alien to me. So this year I've spent some considerable time making a real effort to increase my profile. I've used phrases like "brand image" and "target customer".

The first result is this new site, with its new branding. You might not notice the branding much, it's pretty subtle, but it's there and I'm going to spread it across all my online accounts and printed things.

I've moved the site from to . The latter has a much better site editor with more powerful features and it's let me do some fancier things with this new site. It also lets me host my blog and web site under the same URL, which I couldn't easily do on Wordpress.

The downsides are 1) the blog interface isn't so good and 2) I'll probably lose most of my current blog subscribers in the move. Many of them use the Wordpress reader interface to subscribe and that won't be available and that will be a shame. I don't have many followers but some of them are long-standing regulars it would be a shame to say good-bye to.

If you're here reading this I hope you like the new look and new site and I hope there's enough in the blog to convince you to come back for more. You'd be most welcome.


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