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Longsleddale, November 2014

  1. Sadgill, Shipman Knotts, Kentmere Pike, Harter Fell, Gatesarth Pass, Longsleddale, Sadgill.

  2. 8 1/4 miles, 640 metres ascent

  3. 17th November 2014

I’ve never been to this part of the lakes before, it’s a little out of the way (and doesn’t have any climbing) but it’s easy to get to in a day from home. Heavy grey skies didn’t hold much promise for photographs but you can sometimes get good close-up shots in this light and the grass and bracken had plenty of colour.


I had the walk to myself, not surprising on a wet winter weekday, and walked quickly to the first tops, Shipman Knotts then Kentmere Pike where I stopped for a picnic. Sitting in the shelter of the wall I took the first pictures of the day, close-ups of the brown grass. If you’re out in dull grey weather then look for close-up shots, the colours come out at their best in these conditions.


Past Harter Fell you get to Harter Crag and then a spectacular view of Haweswater, or would have been if the cloud hadn’t been so low. It still looked quite dramatic as the hill side suddenly becomes very precipitous as you slant down to Gatescarth Pass.


Now the light became interesting and a break in the clouds let in shafts of low sun and created a tremendous drama.


Back at the car the light was still doing interesting things so I dropped my bag in the car and walked the start of the route again but this time with really good light in the valley. The best way to take good photos is to be there when the good photos are happening.




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