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Let’s print again, like we did last summer

Epson printer ink costs more, gram for gram, than gold. Seriously. Actually not. Today’s gold price is £23.38 per gram. Epson ink is £21 for 17 grams (17ml cartridges). I’ve heard the ink/gold comparison many times and always assumed it was true, it certainly sounded plausible. Whatever, printer ink in 17ml cartridges is ruinously expensive. When I had a proper job and did photography as a hobby I could afford a regular fix. Now, I have to justify it from sales. I’ve been fortunate to have made a few (literally, just a few) sales recently. I also got some birthday money yesterday (the big 5-0). So I’ve splashed out on a full set and I can do another print run to replenish stock. I might have enough left over to do some personal prints of work in progress, though I doubt it.


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