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Langdale Pikes, 10th February 2016

I need to apologise for the number of pictures in this gallery post. One of the rules of presenting your photographs is to edit ruthlessly and I should probably only be showing half of these but I couldn’t help myself.

I went to Langdale, one of my favourite places, in the hope of spectacular sunset light catching the pikes. I remember being there last autumn and seeing a truly spectacular light show on their southern flank but I wasn’t in position for it. This time I was in the right place but the light show didn’t happen. The sun went down behind the Bowfell range and the shadows crept up the face opposite. I wasn’t too disappointed though. I was on Side Pike which commands a panoramic view and has some nice features for wide angle shots.

All shots taken with the Olympus OMD-EM10 and 14-42mm pancake lens.


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