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Hadrian's Wall - Gilsland to Walltown

The first walk we did after we moved here was a route from Gilsland to Walltown crags following the line of Hadrian's Wall then returning using footpaths just to the south.

There isn't much left of the wall on its western and eastern ends but Gilsland is close to where the wall "springs to life" seemingly out of the ground. It comes and goes, of course, and following the line of the long distance trail isn't as easy as you might think.

Walltown Crags is the start of the most spectacular stretch of the wall as it finds its way up and down over outcrops of the Whin Sill, a huge rock shelf that runs across most of the north pennines. This is the best stretch for photography.

This was the start of May and a very grey day. Coming back many times later on I found many more opportunities for colour photography as there are wild flowers galore in late spring and through summer but on this day it seemed very appropriate for black and white treatment.

This stretch has become one of my favoured locations for one-to-one tuition, as wherever you look there are good compositions.


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