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Cnicht overnight – part 3

As described in part 1, this overnight trip gave three distinct shooting sessions. First, the sunset, which was slightly disappointing. Then the sunrise, which was pretty good. This had the bonus of the sea of low cloud which was the key to part 3, this part.

Every year I struggle with bluebells. I find it very hard to get good bluebell shots. The best weather for them is an overcast, ideally after some wetness. The day before had been bright sunshine. I’d seen plenty of flowers and taken many shots but I knew they wouldn’t look good in that harsh, bright light. This morning I was optimistic. A fog in the woods could work very well. I walked off the hill and back to the car. First job was to find my morning coffee and then back to the woods. What I’d assumed was fog was, from sea level, low cloud. Anyway, it was enough to remove the harshness from the light. I got some nice shots and went home fairly pleased with the trip.

Here’s a shot I took from the bridge at Porthmadog. The prominent peak in the distance is Cnicht, where I spent the night. Called the Matterhorn of North Wales, the only thing it shares with the Matterhorn is pointiness, but it is very shapely.

Cnicht from Porthmadog

Cnicht from Porthmadog


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