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Catching up

Since we started looking for a new house, over two years ago, photography has suffered and now I have an imposing backlog of photos in my catalogue that need sorting, processing and posting. I've also got an ever increasing backlog of recent photos taken around and about the Eden Valley, which is full of flowers right now.

So my strategy is to start at the first of January this year (ignoring last year's backlog - perhaps the fairies will take care of it while I sleep) and process and post one day at a time. For every day in the backlog I process I'll then process the most recent day, going backwards and forwards like this. This keeps the recent photos fresh in my mind.

So here are three from an afternoon I spent in the new year walking the River Weaver near Northwich in Cheshire. I didn't take many shots and only three made the cut. I always did struggle to find inspiration in Cheshire.


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