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Whistling Sands part 2 – morning

I usually describe my wild camping as “lying down with my eyes closed” rather than “sleeping”. This trip was no different. Alarm at 4:45, straight back in the bag as I realised the sun wasn’t anywhere near up yet. Straight back out again as I realised I needed a pee anyway and I wasn’t asleep. As it turned out I wouldn’t see the sun until nearer seven, due to not checking the sunrise time the night before and also the hill behind me.

Not to worry though. All the lack of sleep of all the bivvy trips this year was more than made up for by the beautiful shots I got this morning. Some of these will definitely be in stock for my next market.

These were taken on the main beach, not the small cove I’d been in the night before. The tide had been in and washed the sand clear and the waves were a little bigger.


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