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Wales Coast Path

We’re just back from walking a section of the recently completed Wales Coast Path, from Chepstow to Port Eynon.

Some really nice bits but also, on this section, a fair amount of urbanisation, industry, and road walking. The stretch we did is about a hundred miles (give or take) and we did it over two weeks (eleven days walking). Mostly flat and easy walking, very well signposted and easy to follow. It starts out as estuary but gradually it widens and the waves get bigger and it feels more like seaside.

Lots of flowers all the way. Especially good for bluebells and wild garlic in places.

Once you get to Swansea it gets really nice, from Mumbles onwards, so I’m very much looking forward to the next section we do. The big thing I missed, compared to the South West Coast Path (our benchmark for a great long distance walk), was idyllic cafes. This first stretch isn’t set up as a tourist destination in the same way that Devon and Cornwall are. That may change in the next sections, which I think will be much more touristy.

Not great photography though, or at least I found it very hard. If I salvage any good shots I’ll put them up here.


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