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Ullswater winter

After spending so much time going to Holme Fell in autumn I'm trying to find a new location that will deliver as richly. I've been to Ullswater many times and thought it must have more than I've managed to get. I'd thought to walk around the eastern shore and then back over the top of Place Fell, a circa-600m hill. This didn't come to pass. I spent far too long dawdling along the lakeside and I had taken both my very heavy all-metal tripod as well as my large Pentax DSLR with large 200mm lens. My bag weighed a ton. Note to self - don't plan big mountain days with such a heavy rucsac.

The weather had been pretty stormy and unreliable but the day was very bright and the early morning sun was promising. I certainly saw some nice scenes but by the time the sun was getting low a persistent bank of thick cloud just over the mountain range to the west meant no interesting sunset light but I did manage to get a few pleasant shots.

Across Ullswater to Sheffield Pike

I love this little group of trees and crag in front of the lake. We always have to take the light and weather as it comes and this was slightly harsh middle-of-the-day. I really need to go back in different weathers and different times of day but most certainly not in summer, when it will be ruined (photographically-speaking) by thick green foliage.

Silver birch are a most photogenic type of tree. In autumn they're a fantastic gold but in winter they take on this purple/red tinge. In the right light, to bring out the whiteness of the bark, they're fantastic.

I think this is one of the best views on the lake, looking towards Sheffield Pike.


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