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Ullswater Overnight part 2 – sunrise


The morning after the night before, and a better night’s sleep than I often get in a bivvy bag, I woke just before the alarm went off at 4 am.

Out of my now dripping bag and on with as many clothes as I had. Mornings on the hill are often cold. My midge companions were still around, sadly. The sky was a little too clear to be promising but that’s better than a solid overcast so I got the camera out and waited. A frequent hazard of these outdoor morning starts is condensation. It gets on the lens and even more on any filters you add so you have to keep stopping to wipe them clear.

The sunrise wasn’t exceptional, though it was nice when it caught the summits of St. Sunday Crag and the Helvellyn ridge and lit them up. After taking lots of shots from where I was I started wandering back along the high level path to see what would happen. I took the last shot at about 8 am, four hours after getting up.


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