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Torver grey

Finally deciding it was time to move on from my obsession with Holme Fell I tried a new area for the first time. Driving north alongside Coniston Water in the Lake District I had several times thought it was worth a look and today was the day. Just to have a look. The weather wasn’t promising and I didn’t know the area well.

Initially I wasn’t hooked and the day was very grey. I put the camera (the Olympus, with its electronic viewfinder) into one of its art/scene modes – “Gentle Sepia” with optional “Pin Hole” or “Soft Focus” features. The beauty of the mirrorless OMD-EM10 is that these effects are shown in the viewfinder as you compose. Making a change like this can really free you up sometimes and I was snapping all sorts of things I might normally have ignored.

Fortunately, I’d also set the camera to “RAW + JPEG” so I got the results of the art mode but also a raw file. Handy, because the gentle sepia effect actually looks overpoweringly orange on the computer screen so instead I converted all the shots to normal black and white.

I’m not sure I’ll spend much more time in this particular location but I’m surprised at how many decent shots I managed to get from the day.


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