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Three weeks gone - some flower pictures

We're almost three weeks into the Coronavirus lockdown now. Thank heaven for spring and the ever-changing parade of new flowers and blossom all around. Britain is a beautiful country in spring. Cherry, apple, blackthorn blossom, and now tulips and the early bluebells are appearing in gardens.

I've put an old 24mm close-up lens on one of my cameras and I have the focus wound all the way to minimum distance because almost every shot I take is a flower close-up. There isn't much else to shoot around here. Where I live is village and pasture land without much drama. I'm glad I have something to occupy me though, without photography I'd be crawling up the walls in frustration.

Here are some shots I've taken over the last two days. I have several days worth of backlog of similar shots still needing processing.

All these shots have been taken hand-held. It's been very bright so shutter speed hasn't been a problem, especially using a larger aperture to get small depth of field. The hardest part is getting accurate focus so I simply take several shots to make sure at least one has the focus where I want it.

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