The Heights – part 2

The Glyders from Yr Arddu

The morning after the night before (see Part 1), half past four, and the alarm wakes me up after a surprisingly good night’s sleep. Everything is wet, covered in dew and condensation but the cameras and my boots were well wrapped up.

Snowdon from my bedroom

The sky is very clear, which is nice but sort of disappointing – no clouds to add interest to the pictures. Warm enough though, so I won’t have frozen fingers as I take the pictures. I already know the location and where to expect the compositions to be. A quick run up to the small hill top and I’m ready. The horizon is already showing all the colours of the rainbow, suggesting the sun isn’t far behind. No low cloud down in the valley this morning, but a little haze adds some interest.

Shadow selfie

By half past six the light is already over and it’s daytime. Time for breakfast. Put all the wet stuff into the bag and enjoy the walk back to the car in the warm sunlight, the morning’s work over, looking forward to coffee and cake while others are still getting up out of bed.

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