St Sunday Crag 25th March 2015

  1. 8 miles

  2. 960 metres ascent

  3. 5 1/2 hours

  4. Route map on

Walks go wrong for all sorts of reasons. Today it was a cock-up in the catering department. I started out with only enough food for a shorter day instead of the big day I’d planned. I wasn’t too unhappy, it was such a beautiful morning.

Ullswater on the ascent path to St Sunday Crag

Ullswater, Patterdale and Glenridding

Still quite a few snow patches in the high north facing gullies and although it was t-shirt weather when I started it was pretty cold at the top when the sun went in. Quite a good view of striding edge and the cornices on the edge of Hellvellyn.

The route along from Dollywagon Pike (left) to Hellvellyn (just right of right edge of picture). The Tongue is the facing left hand ridge, the east ridge of Nethermost Pike is the central facing ridge.

Nethermost Cove, bounded on the right by Striding Egde and Hellvellyn summit the high point on the right.

The clouds cleared again for the way down so I took some more shots of Ullswater.

Ullswater from near St Sunday Crag summit.