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Slaggyford and The Bog

Not a pretty title but such a pretty place. A satisfying circular autumn walk in the South Tyne Valley.

  • Start: Slaggyford, South Tyne valley.

  • Length: 5 1/2 miles

  • Small roads, tracks and good paths.

The South Tyne valley is a beautiful, gentle valley of meadows low down with big pennine moorlands high above. This walk follows an easy path up the eastern side of the valley that gives superb views for little effort. The return I used is on the Pennine Way but you can follow the South Tyne Trail along the old railway track even more easily and with just as much scenic interest.

Rosehips and autumn colour
Rosehips and autumn colour

This was an early autumn walk in perfect sunny walking weather and there was already lots of autumn colour. Follow the road down half a mile to Thompson's Well bridge. A short diversion here has some nice autumn scenes by following the west bank of the river south a little and then back again.

Over the bridge and follow the tiny road to Williamsons farm and then start the rise up the hill northwards with increasingly good views all around.

The view across the valley from Williamsons
The view across the valley from Williamsons

The path drops to the river and climbs again to reach the oddly named farm of The Bog. They have a sense of humour there, at least.

Follow the farm track and cross the river again at Eals Bridge. Then along this tiny road to the viaduct where we pick up the Pennine Way. Across meadows with more wonderful views and back to our starting point.


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