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Penllech Beach part 2 – morning


The sun about to rise behind the hills in the north.

The morning after the night before was beautiful. Clear, still, fresh. The alarm woke me at ten past four with just a hint of colour on the horizon.

The night had been warm and still with a bright moon above. However, photographically it wasn’t ideal. I hadn’t expected it to be, so I wasn’t too disappointed. The main problem was that the sun was due to rise behind the beach and in fact was going to be behind the only hills on the horizon. This meant the sun wouldn’t be lighting up the beach until it was well up in the sky and the most dramatic colours had gone. This isn’t so bad if there are some clouds in the sky. These can catch the sun and cast light downwards. Then you can counterpoint the pinks and mauves in the sky with the blues of the foreground.


I took a series of shots as the sun rose higher until I thought I’d got the best of the light. There was still no-one around so I lay down on the soft dry sand and had another sleep for an hour – very comfortable.


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