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Olympus OMD-EM10 battery replacement

A new battery for the Olympus OMD-EM10 costs at least £50 for a genuine Olympus part. This seems a little steep for me. I needed a spare because one battery doesn’t always last a full days shooting – say about 150 shots or so. Spending £50 seemed like too much of a luxury. So instead I opted for a non-Olympus part from a company called Expro (, for the grand total of £10.

First test, does it fit and work. Yes. It looks externally identical to the Olympus part and has the same total energy rating of 1150 mAh. The camera works fine.

Second test, does it take as many shots as the original. Probably. I went out and used it yesterday and although I didn’t do a full day’s shoot I also didn’t see any low battery warnings. So roughly I’d say yes.

Third test, will it have the long term staying power? Take recharge after recharge for months and years? I don’t know yet. But for only ten pounds I’m not sure I care.


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