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Oh bugger…JPEGs again!

I went for another overnight wild camping trip to Porth Or (AKA Whistling Sands) a couple of weeks ago. My first trip (here and here ) delivered way beyond my hopes and I thought it was worth another try. To cut to the chase, I stupidly had let my Olympus set to record at lowest resolution JPEGs instead of raw which meant all my evening pictures were wasted. I also realised that going to the exact same place two weeks later was not the best idea. You need to leave it a while to get a fresh perspective otherwise you’ll just take the same pictures again. I did manage to get some decent shots in the morning, though neither sunset nor sunrise were spectacular. Here’s what I took in the morning. I like some of the rock close-ups and the one of the golden-nugget rock may make it onto my market stall, but I’ll print first and then decide. Shots are a mixture of Olympus OMD-EM10 and Pentax K20D


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