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New work in my Etsy shop

I’ve added some new pictures to my Etsy shop. This is part of the on-going work to move all my on-line sales to Etsy, which has better payment and ordering options. Anyway, if you fancy taking a look, here it is.

It’s surprising how much work it takes to do this. Nine new pictures have taken me most of the afternoon. One of the hardest parts is writing the descriptions. This means getting the maps out, tracking my position and what’s in the frame, what the hill tops are, what the valley features are, etc. Worth it though, I’ve been told that this detail is part of what makes my Etsy shop interesting.

I also have to make the framed shot for each picture. For each one I have the full size shot, plus a shot of the print inside a frame. I cheat to do this. I took a picture of an empty frame, then I composite the actual image into the empty frame. The end result is indistinguishable from reality except for the lack of the signature and title in the mount border.


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