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My Amazing OMD-EM10 kit lens

I’m continually nicely surprised and impressed by the results I’m getting from the unassuming 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 m.zuiko kit lens on my Olympus OMD-EM10. Here’s an example 100% crop from one of the shots I published earlier…:

Moel y Gamelin

…which is taken from near the middle of this shot –

It’s even fairly tough. I dropped my camera and it hit the ground lens-first. It now sports a small dint on the front (not on the glass) but still works perfectly. For it’s size and weight it’s fantastic.

I (nearly) always use the same sharpening settings in lightroom:

  1. Amount 60

  2. Radius 0.5

  3. Detail 40

  4. Masking 30

The exception is for many monochrome conversions (though not this one). I often use Lightroom’s “B+W Look 4” preset and when I do I don’t usually change anything. This particular shot was converted manually though.


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