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Lymm Sunrise

Lymm is the village I live in, hidden away in a corner of an otherwise very busy area. It’s local beauty spot is called Lymm Dam, which is basically a lake. Made artificially in 1824 as part of a new turnpike road, the dam was a crossing of a wet area. The new lake formed behind. Now it’s a very popular visitor attraction. On a still day the water can be mirror smooth. I’ve photographed it before in the daytime, in grainy black and white, which seemed to suit the mood of the day. This time I got up and out before the sun came up to try and get some sunrise colour on the autumn trees, which were near their peak of colour. I managed to get three good shots. This wasn’t my only sunrise trip, and I’ve had a few other good results which I’ll publish once I’ve finished processing them.


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