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Lymm Christmas

In response to WordPress Daily Photo challenge Path

Joy and I went out for the traditional christmas day amble in the fields and lanes near where we live in Cheshire.


I’ve spent the last two or three years concentrating on Cumbria and I’ve built up a decent portfolio of mountain pictures from the Lake District. For 2017 I’m going to shift focus to Snowdonia and North Wales but for various reasons I also want to build up a portfolio of Cheshire and Lymm. When we first moved here I almost wrote off the place as a photographic location. It isn’t my usual kind of place – too flat, too tame. But I’ve managed to get a few sunrise sessions locally and got some nice results and I need to keep that up. That’s part of my path to the future.

Today seemed to suggest black and white, square format. I also chose to shoot in JPEG instead of raw, something that helps me think differently. It can be nice sometimes to work within constraints. Shooting in JPEG means no escape to 4:3 format, no escape to colour, I’m stuck with square monochrome. That forces you to think in that format and gives you more focus. This is something I really like about the EVF of the Olympus OMD-EM10 – the image you see in the EVF and rear screen reflects your format choices, so you see the live view in square monochrome.


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