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Llanberis Pass under grey skies

Llanberis Pass

Llanberis Pass

Seeing the Llanberis Pass in Snowdonia in heavy cloud is pretty common. Even on a bright day it doesn’t see much sun, the high valley walls keeping it mostly in shade. It’s a dramatic, craggy place of brooding cliffs and lots of water. I took these shots while the drizzle misted my lens and eventually got fed up with that and gave up. I’ll be back next time I want a location to suit a dark day.

I took all shots with my Pentax using a very old manual focus Sigma 24mm prime lens, which I rarely use these days. I read a lot from people talking about the different look they get from different lenses and how each lens gives a unique character to the photographs. I don’t see it personally. Perhaps I haven’t used enough lenses. But I find the differences in light, weather, season, and subject swamp any subtle changes in look that different lenses give.


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