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Less well-known photography problems

Bird droppings

I like to include fore-ground interest in my pictures. In the Lake District outcroppings of rock are often particularly attractive. They’re also attractive to birds, who leave long white trails that are an unpleasant distraction to the eye and difficult to remove either physically or in post-processing.


Yesterday was a perfect, completely wind-free day in Cumbria. I was lined up with Loughrigg Tarn in the foreground with a mirror-smooth surface reflecting the beautiful sunset sky. I waited for the sunset. Along comes a local open-water swimming club. They go to a different tarn every monday evening. This evening was the turn of Loughrigg Tarn. They get in, my mirror finish disappears. Of all the tarns in all the Lake District, they choose last night to go to mine…

More Pentax sensor spots

I’ve spoken before about cleaning my Pentax sensor. I’ve now developed another spot. They seem to appear like freckles. I haven’t had the lens off so I have no idea how it got there.


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