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Last flowers of the year?

I just found this post in my "drafts" folder waiting to be finished and published. It's been waiting since 2020 and even when I wrote it, it was delayed. I've just stumbled across it and the shots are so lovely I thought I'd just post it as-is, with little extra commentary.

2020 was, of course, the year of lock-downs. It was the year I started wild flower photography in a big way, being the only subject available in my locality during lock-down. I think I took these shots at Bluebell Cottage garden, which opens as part of the National Gardens Scheme ( see here )

I think from the single paragraph of text I wrote in the original post - this one immediately below - we had just been allowed to go farther afield so I would be back in the Lake District for the first time since the winter.

"These shots were hanging around from early July, waiting to be processed. We had gone to visit a local garden which turned out to be delightful. I've since started looking again at the bigger landscape so these might turn out to be the last flower photographs I take this year."


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