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Lakeland between the storms

The weather this winter has been pretty foul much of the time. At time of writing the news is reporting of floods across the country after a succession of storms. Last week I managed to find a window of good weather and got out to make the most of it. I go a little stir-crazy if I don't manage to get out in the hills regularly so it was a welcome break from spending too much time at home in front of the computer.

Feeling like I needed something of a sure thing, I headed to the area around Tom Heights and Black Crag. I knew I'd have good light when the sun went down and really good views of some fabulous mountains. A good covering of snow was a bonus. Very high winds were the downside, and meant the day had a sting in its tail - more below.

The clouds came and went and gave me a mix of moody, bright, and dramatic. I'm fairly happy with the results and some of these shots might find their way to my sales catalogue soon.

At the end of the day I had the camera (the small Olympus) on the tripod. I said the wind was strong earlier. I walked away for a second and heard a small crash and turned to see the camera and tripod lying flat on the ground. I was worried about the lens and the expensive Lee filter attached to it but it landed on its back and I was for a moment relieved. It looked like nothing bad had happened. Then I turned it on - no response. Closer inspection showed me this:

The chassis by the battery compartment is mangled. The clip that holds the battery in place doesn't engage so now the battery won't engage properly without help. I've managed to bodge it temporarily but it looks like this body is going to silicon heaven.

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