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In the woods with the Nikon d610

Just before the latest lockdown I spent my first full day out with the Nikon d610 in among the trees of Macclesfield Forest. This was a new location for me. Joy and I had been there the week before for a walk and I was struck by the beauty of the trees and the fantastic views available.

This was at the peak of autumn colour. I've been using a very wide panoramic aspect ratio a lot recently, cropping shots to 2.55:1 ratio. The Nikon has grid lines in the viewfinder so you can compose this way, you just have to remember which shots you intended to be this way when you process them.

I'm not sure I'll offer this format for sale, it will make it even more expensive for me to keep a stock of frames the right size, but I do enjoy the results.

Many of the shots below feature Shutlingsloe, possibly the only pointy-topped hill in Cheshire. It always helps a composition if the horizon comes to a point, I think of it as "releasing the energy".


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