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Holme Fell part two


In Holme Fell part one I wrote about finding this fantastic location between Ambleside and Coniston. Two days after that visit I went again, drawn by the fantastic autumn colours and beautiful views. I wasn’t disappointed.

There is a huge quarry there worked for two hundred years for slate. Long abandoned, the quarry is now being taken over by nature and is a paradise of wonderful trees. The exposed rock and, strangely, the old slate spoil heaps add a really nice contrast of texture and colour.


You also get a great view of one of the most distinctive mountain ranges in England, the Langdale Pikes.

Not surprisingly I’ve been again since and got more good shots. I think I’ll be going several times more before I’ve had enough of it. This is a change of style for me, to keep going to the same location over and over. I’ll be interested to see how I enjoy it but it’s a nice change so far.


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