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Fire and gold in the Lake District


We’ve had some bad weather in the last week and I think by the time I manage to get back to the Lake District the peak of autumn colour will be over. I’m not too sad because I managed a couple of good trips while it lasted and here is another. This time the spot was a lesser known modest height called variously Park Fell or Black Fell. Both names are used on the OS map. The location is just south of the entrance to Langdale, grid reference NY 335 023 (approximately).

It’s only 322 metres at its highest and I only went to about half that height but the views are panoramic, taking in Fairfield, Helvellyn, Langdale and the Pikes, Bowfell and Wetherlam. But in particular, the woodland round about is just spectacular. A mix of broadleaf in full colour and pine or fir that has turned bright yellow/orange. Add some lovely autumn weather and you have a perfect day.

I used a polarising filter for many of these shots. This has the effect of really bringing out the colour of the foliage against the sky but I think I’m leaning more towards a more natural look nowadays so I may resist it in future.

I took many more shots in this area earlier in the day but they just reinforced the message that you really need the golden hours for great photographs so all these shots were taken late in the afternoon. A mix of Olympus and Pentax shots, the Pentax used when I needed the graduated neutral density filters or wanted the polariser.

The first snows of the season have arrived now but I fear by the time I get up there again the warm wet weather will have washed it all away but I’m sure there’ll be more along soon. Winter’s an exciting time for mountain photography.


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