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Exploring Cheshire Autumn

At the start of the peak of autumn colour, a few weeks ago, I went exploring in my own back yard of Cheshire. Wandering around Helsby Hill and then the fringes of Delamere Forest looking for lovely tree portraits. I suppose it was preparing for the possibility of another lockdown, when I'd be forced to make the best of what's around me.

It's a good discipline, I think, trying to find compositions in places I wouldn't normally look for them.

Although I don't think this kind of subject is likely to sell well I like them as photographs, which is the main thing.

These subjects, especially, emphasise the need for good white balance. Every one of these shots needed work on the white balance. I've been meaning to write an article about it for some time.

The view west-ish from Helsby Hill
The view west-ish from Helsby Hill


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