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Don’t go into the woods – lessons you’d think I would have learned by now

Coed y Brenin

Coed y Brenin

Whenever a walk has a significant stretch in managed woodlands, like Forestry Commission woods, I always get lost. It isn’t my fault. The paths on the ground and the paths on the map don’t bear any relationship to each other. The woodland managers make new paths and tracks whenever they want and when you’re hemmed in by conifers all directions look the same. Coed y Brenin in south Snowdonia is no exception to this.

However, the wider area, outside the dense managed woodlands, is quite different and quite beautiful. In fact, very reminiscent of the Duddon Valley in the Lake District that I visited two or three weeks ago. I spent a happy couple of hours on wednesday morning wandering round quiet lanes, with an overcast sky that was ideal to bring out the best colour of the fresh new foliage. Then I went into the forest and got stuck for about two hours. I didn’t take any photos in there because, although beautiful in it’s way, it doesn’t make for good photographs. When I finally got out the rain had started so no more photos. But it did inspire me to visit again and try and capture this beautiful valley at other times of the year, especially autumn, when it must be spectacular.

So just four shots to show, but I’m quite happy with them. I hope you like them.


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