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Desperate photography - finding something, anything, to shoot

I live in Cheshire, which is flat. My usual "metier" is hilly country. So where I live isn't ideal for finding my usual subjects. But needs must and I need to find something.

I'd wondered whether the rules about not travelling would actually be a source of inspiration, forcing me to think differently about my photography but not so far. Anyway, here's a selection of shots taken over the last week or so on walks from the house. Spring is actually a pretty good time for this as there are different flowers and blossoms opening up every day and the weather has been remarkably kind to us so far.

(BTW - my wife is working at home and using my big calibrated monitor so I've processed these on the laptop screen, which is rubbish. Apologies if the tone/contrast are wrong)

I took this in Wales just before the lock-down came into force. I think of it as cow parsley but I don't know its real name.

We can still go to our local community orchard, as long as we synchronise with neighbours to make sure we don't all go at the same time. This is some spinach/chard in one of the veg. beds.

My wife picked up these crab apples and put them in the compost. I couldn't help myself.

It's a nice time for blossom. Not sure what this is but it looks a little like apple to me. Could be plum though.

These are in our garden next to the house. They've been catching my eye but now I've shot them, I don't like the brick background.

...and finally, on a walk along the canal.


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