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Daily Post Challenge – Edge

In response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge Edge

These shots were taken on Saturday from one of my favourite mountains, Tryfan in the Glyder range in Snowdonia. The route up is a classic and highly popular grade one scramble. The views, not surprisingly, are fantastic.

The central mountain in both photographs is Y Garn, part of the Idwal Horseshoe.

The first shot is what I think of as a straightforward head-and-shoulders portrait of the mountain. This kind of shot is all about bringing out the character of the hill that is the central subject. I can look at shots like this endlessly looking for lines of ascent, climbs and scrambles and planning future adventures.


The next shot is quite different. It includes the edge of the plateau where I was standing, to give foreground interest and draw the eye through the picture. It adds an extra dimension of depth but now the picture is more about the composition than the subject.


I’ll usually try to include a foreground element like this but I’ll also be happy to take the simpler straightforward mountain portrait when a shapely and beautful hill presents its best profile to me in good light.


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