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Crimpiau – part 1

Tryfan and the Glyders

Crimpiau is a minor top in Snowdonia, an eastern outlier of the Carneddau. It’s only about 450m high but has one of the best views in North Wales that takes in the three highest ranges – Snowdon, the Glyders and the Carnedds. It’s quiet (I didn’t see anyone else the whole time I was there) and has lovely shapes and textures in the foreground.

The downside, for a wild camping trip, is that there are hardly any flat grassy areas to put down your sleeping bag. Almost the single exception happens to be a perfect flat and dry spot of just the right size right on the summit. A surprising lack of midges and little breeze were the icing on the cake. The sun would set behind some high mountains but to the north-east was a million miles of low ground, promising an uninterrupted sunrise. That’s for part two though. Here are the sunset pictures. I hope you like them.


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