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Climbing at Woodhouse, 20th October 2015

Our indian summer keeps on giving. We had a lovely afternoon climbing at Woodhouse Scar with the CMC – Simon, Michael and myself.

Simon and I started with Curving Crack. I’d laid hands on the starting move for this last week and couldn’t figure out how to get off the ground but Simon led and showed me the way. It was possible but very strenuous. A good route.

Total routes done:

  1. Curving Crack – Simon led

  2. Alpha – Simon led by a left-hand variant we hadn’t done before, harder than my normal right-hand way

  3. Kryton Crack – my lead, first time led after top-rope practice last week

  4. Basin Cracks – Simon led, a very good route with a strenuous start.

  5. Jetsam – my lead, first time on this route this year.

  6. Original Route – my lead, an easy touch for VDiff.

Then a shandy a the Big Six, a secret pub just round the corner. The kind of place you’d never go in (assuming you could find it) unless someone else took you but a really nice old-fashioned pub.

I think that’s it for outside climbing this year, it’ll be back to indoors for the winter from next week.


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