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Climbing at the World’s End

The crag at World’s End isn’t literally at the end of the world but feels like it as you apply Xeno’s paradox along the twisty single track road from Llangollen. Exceptionally beautiful at this time of year, with wild garlic, hawthorn and elderflowers everywhere and all the trees now in full leaf. It’s real name is Craig-Y-Forwen but I think gets its more poetic title from the nearby World’s End farm.

The crag is in a particularly lovely spot within this lovely landscape. The easiest access is to the right hand end of the upper tier, which is right up against the path and has an easy walk up/down to/from the top of the routes and plenty of useful trees for belays, but watch out for jagged branch ends sticking out just at eye level.

The weather was hot and sunny and with the clean limestone and wooded hills I could easily have been climbing in Burgundy again.

As this was our first outdoor session for eight or ten months (see how the excuses come so readily already) we just did a top-roping session. The routes were very polished, which made them feel much harder (more excuses) but we were moving well and climbed them without too much trouble.

Routes done were:


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