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Brereton Meadows

Joy and I went walking around Brereton Heath and I went back the following day to get a few shots. It's a nature reserve and so the council does its best to encourage wildlife by letting the grass and flowers grow.

I had been trying a long lens I have, a Pentax 70-200mm zoom. I'd bought this lens a long time ago to replace another long zoom that I wasn't sure about. Both are manual focus. But the Pentax proved almost impossible to focus and I was really struggling to get sharp results.

So instead I dug out the older lens, which I had wrapped in a sock and had been using in my studio as a paperweight. It's a very old Tokina 70-210. It's a bit rickety and only supports manual exposure as it has no "A" position on the aperture ring. But it works absolutely fine and is a breeze to focus. So now the Tokina is in my kit bag and the Pentax is wrapped in the sock.


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