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An image of the future

In response to the WordPress Daily Post challenge Future

The picture below is, I hope, part of my future.

It’s my stall from my last art market at West Didsbury.

I’ve been doing art markets and art shows for a fair old time while having a full time proper job. A couple of years ago I gave up the proper job to spend more time taking photographs. Since then I’ve been fairly seriously taking and making. Working out what I want to say, what pictures I want to make. I’ve also been working out how to make the art markets a success. Joy and I both have pensions but it would be good to top them up and I hope that photography will be a sustainable source of income well into old age.

Doing art markets and shows is so much fun. Almost everyone you speak to is nice, they’re all interested in your pictures and you get a lot of oohs and aahhs, which is lovely. And if you’re lucky, a bit of spending cash as well.


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