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Ambleside to Troutbeck, 17th January 2016

Joy and I made the journey to Ambleside in hopes of catching the snow at its best and we weren’t disappointed. We did the very popular walk to Troutbeck via Wansfell Pike and return via Skelghyll Wood.

There was a heavy overcast but otherwise good weather to start, it made good subdued light for photography.

We were soon glad we had taken our very useful mini-spikes and walking poles. The popular track was steep and iced up. Plenty of people were spending a lot of time falling over.

Views from the ascent and the summit were beautiful and I took plenty of shots. Glad I did as when we arrived at Troutbeck it started sleeting and didn’t really stop until we got back to Ambleside. We’d been very slow on the way over so the sleet encouraged a much quicker return. Views were much curtailed, with the cloud now down quite thickly.

All in all we took five hours for a route that should have taken about three and a half.


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