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A wander around Dent

Dent is a lovely village, the heart of Dentdale. It has been a favourite location of mine, perhaps because it's surprisingly easy to get to from Cheshire (no longer relevant since we moved to North Cumbria).

I made a visit in January this year to wander around and take photographs. A cloudy grey day immediately suggested monochrome photography. For some reason I set the camera to record JPG files instead of raw files. I sometimes do this (not often) as a way to encourage creative thinking. Knowing you don't have the safety net of choosing colour later on at the editing stage forces you to think in black and white. That's the theory anyway, I'm not sure it makes that much difference in practice.

Anyway I was happy with the results. Dent has some nice compositions nearby and they work well in black and white in that weather. I hope you like the pictures.


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