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A short trip around Talkin Tarn

Talkin Tarn is a local beauty spot, just a few miles from Brampton. Lined with beautiful beech trees and with the edge of the pennines just to the east. Very popular on holidays and weekends with locals and tourists alike. I've only done a few markets up here so far but I've already been asked if I have pictures of it.

You can walk all the way around and I did so a couple of weeks ago on a promising morning. I hoped for a good sunrise and good frosty conditions.

I also hoped for a mirror finish on the water, with the night being very still. I hadn't taken account of the large number of water fowl that constantly take off, land, and swim around, making ripples. I'll have to figure out when in the year all the birds have migrated.

I think these pictures are good but I'm not sure I've got "the shot", one that I can put up on the stall that will be a best seller. That might take many trips to come.


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