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A new start

I haven't been very active on this blog for some time, for good reason. We've been moving house.

This is my new workshop. Or it will be. Right now its chaos. But it will have all the space I need, and far fewer spiders than my cabin at the end of the garden. Lots of light, and warm too.

This new house is a big adventure for us. It's in Brampton, north Cumbria, at the junction of the Eden Valley and Hadrian's Wall. Just to the east we have big Pennine hills. South-east we have the Yorkshire Dales. And south-west, the Lake District mountains. All between a walk and a short drive away. Lots of new photographic inspiration but also a challenge. I can't do my usual art markets so I need to find new outlets and that needs to wait until my workshop is fully ready to produce new prints. The same goes for my Etsy shop.

I've been out shooting already, of course. This is my favourite shot so far, just on the edge of Brampton.

Hopefully I'll have lots of new content to add from now on, if I can find time from unpacking cardboard boxes.

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A beautiful area with lots of photo opps!

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